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dsatchell -> URL/Content filtering on ISA 2004 or 2006? Which one? (8.Nov.2006 1:55:39 PM)

I have a client that I am building a Domain Controller server for and now
he is telling me that he wants to put either ISA 2004 or ISA 2006 on it.

I know he should not use the DC as the gateway and I have told him that
he should have a second box to but ISA on but he says they only have the
budget for this one box and that is final.

He also wants to put some type of URL/Content Filtering application on it
that will tie into ISA and he wants to use ISA to block IM's.

The only other option that I have is that they have a SonicWall 150/170
that they were thinking about useing and I know that SonicWall has a
Content Filtering module but I don't know how expensive it is.

The last wrinkle is that the company may have two T1's coming into the
company and they want to keep them seperate so they were going to put the
Server/DC/ISA box on the front office side and the SonicWall on the phone
bank side. The idea being that the phone bank side would be better if it
didn't connect to the office side.

So what are some of my options here with content filtering software, ISA
version, Sonicwall filtering, or possibly even a different network

Thankx, David Satchell.

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