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Ben Davis -> Removing /exchange from OWA URL (13.Nov.2006 10:48:05 AM)

I've been playing with ISA 2006 trying to get this to work, and I can if I change the Paths tab in the OWA policy to Internal Path = /* and External Path = <same as internal>, but that breaks my RPC over HTTP policy. Any ideas on how to remove /exchange from the OWA URL while allowing my over Exchange publishing policies to function normally?

Thanks in advance!

Ben Davis -> RE: Removing /exchange from OWA URL (14.Nov.2006 11:57:20 AM)

I see in Thomas' article series ISA Firewall Publishing OWA and RPC/HTTP with a Single IP Address that my exact question will be handled in Part 5 which will probably be published in the next few days. I'll wait patiently for that article to be released which should solve my problem.

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