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sbsaxton -> Web Farm Much Slower than NLB (22.Nov.2006 1:17:53 AM)

I have set up ISA 2006 and was making use of the "Web Farm" option for publishing a web site. There are 4 IIS 6.0 Web Servers which hold the test application I wish to publish (in this case mostly simple serverside ASP controls and branding images). Its just a straight Edge Server arangement.
I published the site using the "Web farm option" and specified the IP addresses of the 4 boxes in the farm ->  
When the listerner picks up the request the inital default.aspx page takes 12 seconds to load and all the images on the page come down one after the other with 5-7 seconds delay between them. The whole page takes around 1 minute 30 to load.
All the machines are in the local DNS, and only the internal NIC points to the DNS. When I browse for the machines and enter their names in the web farm (instead of the IP) they are resolved to the domain, but the solution is no faster.
When I disable this publishing rule and switch to using a "Single Server or Load balanced" rule instead the whole page is rendered <1 second. Caching is not enabled and i cleared out my browser cache between sessions. I also had to create the NLB Virtual IP on all the servers to do this...
Obviously I'd like to use the management and session features that "Web Farm" has to offer but right now that's not possible.
Basically the Web farm is 100's of times slower than NLB, which is just so wrong, any idea as to why this should be?

gja -> RE: Web Farm Much Slower than NLB (23.Nov.2006 2:44:43 PM)

Is there any differenc in using the option on cookie based LB or IP based LB?

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