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XVILLAFUERTE -> 500 Internal Server Error. The pipe is being closed (232) (9.Dec.2006 3:04:08 PM)

Hi all,

I have just clean installed ISA Server 2006  on a Windows 2003 R2 server. I have successfully published most of the services in my network only using the built-in wizards. However when I was trying to publish OWA (Single Exchange 2003 in the same DC) and RPC/HTTP I found some problems:

* First, OWA works fine after following the wizard (that is not the problem :)).
* All clients have installed the correct SSL certificate and OWA is not prompting them for it when they try to connect.
* Outlook 2003 Clients which are using RPC/HTTP were not able to connect. Testing RPC connection I found that when I browsed from the Internet to rpcproxy.dll I got the Error 64: Host Not available message. Researching in isaserver.org forums I found that the problem could be a bug in http1.1 or a problem with the compression filter. I disabled the http 1.1 options in my browser but the problem was not solved so I disabled the compression add-on filter in ISA 2006. After that I am not receiving the Host not available message but I am receiving 500 Internal Server Error. The pipe is being closed (232) error instead when I browse to rpcprpxy.dll.
* I have some laptop clients that use RPC/HTTP in our internal LAN and all of them are working fine, so I am sure the problem is in the ISA.

Any help would be appreciated in order to solve this problem

tshinder -> RE: 500 Internal Server Error. The pipe is being closed (232) (15.Dec.2006 5:49:27 PM)

I've NEVER had to do anything special to make it work. As long as you following the instructions to the letter in my definitive guide on publishing OWA and RPC/HTTP, it works.


XVILLAFUERTE -> RE: 500 Internal Server Error. The pipe is being closed (232) (16.Dec.2006 8:33:55 PM)

OK, thanks Tom. After a very deep research we have found the problem:

* It was not true that all the internal clients able to use RCP/HTTP were working fine. Some of them were not able to do it. Directory Services could connect using https but mail services failed and change to TCpIP
* We found that a couple of days ago, our internal IT Support department solved the problem reported in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/911829 applying the Exchange HotFix that the article recommends. We were testing Windows Vista RTM functionality and they found that problem testing OWA.
* We being testing with rpcdump and rpcping and found errors.
* We have no proofs, however we are almost convinced that the hotfix damage something in the RPC configuration, especially with the Valid Ports key and the bindings with the exchange server.

The solution:
* Reinstall RPC over HTTP Windows Component and reconfigure registry settings for valid ports and global catalog entries; we restarted Exchange Services to apply the new settings.
* After that the enabled internal clients were able to connect using RPC/HTTP and we have successfully tested external access from the Internet
* We have not changed anything in our publishing rule

I hope this helps somebody in the future .

My two cents

tshinder -> RE: 500 Internal Server Error. The pipe is being closed (232) (18.Dec.2006 10:45:55 AM)

Hi X,

Great! Always good to hear it wasn't the ISA Firewall's fault! [:D]


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