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FrancWest -> Publishing Exchange 2007 (19.Dec.2006 11:40:43 AM)


when using the wizard to publish Exchange 2007 and you select the correct version in the wizard, you can only select one item to publish, the others are grayed out as soon as you select one item. Does this mean that you cannot publish all Exchange 2007 services on one listener just like you can with Exchange 2003, because when selecting Exchange 2003 as the server type you can select all items.


Jason Jones -> RE: Publishing Exchange 2007 (20.Dec.2006 7:07:07 PM)

Pretty sure you can use the same listener for different rules, but they seem keen to use individual rules for Ex2k7. You just need to re-run the wizard and choose another option several times I guess..

One of the reasons I can think of is that some of the Exchange 2007 services now support Kerberos/NTLM delegation, whereas some still need Basic delegation. Hence you need different rules to allow for both scenarios.

Persoanlly, I think this is a good idea (applies to for Ex2k3 too) as indiviual rules allows for more flexibility and service specific HTTP filters, which is a good thing security wise.



rishishah -> RE: Publishing Exchange 2007 (2.Jan.2007 5:33:10 AM)

I have the same problem as the author. My ISA 2006 publishes the Exchange 2007 server. I have been able to get OWA 2007 and Microsoft Server ActiveSync to be published with one listner and for some reason both using the FBA with Basic Authentication.

However the RPC over HTTPS will not work with the same listner and if i try to create another listener it tells me i cannot use the same ip address.

Anybody have a difned guide on how to publish Exchange 2007 (OWA/Activesync/RPC HTTPS) using the same listner on ISA 2006?



rishishah -> RE: Publishing Exchange 2007 (2.Jan.2007 6:07:32 AM)

Actually not to worry, i have got all three access methods to work with the same listener...

i had not correctly addressed external access name on the client access role on the Exchange 2007 to the name of the external name of ISA.

Now OWA, ActiveSync and RPC/HTTPS all works fine.

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