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paul_psmith -> OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (21.Dec.2006 12:39:25 PM)

We have an ISA array, two nodes with a DMZ interface (192.168.x.x) and internal interface (10.x.x.x). Wild card certs for client to ISA and ISA to Ex FE server.
When I try to goto the site through ISA server using the URL exchange.domain.com, I get the ISA logon, type in my credentials then it gives me a 403 error.
If I type in exchange.domain.com/exchange, I get the ISA logon, then it will take me to OWA. What am I missing here. Doesn't ISA redirect to the exchange folder, or did I miss something?

tshinder -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (27.Dec.2006 12:47:08 PM)

Where is the external interface?


paul_psmith -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (27.Dec.2006 12:52:32 PM)

In the DMZ   192.168.x.x

bjblackmore -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (28.Dec.2006 1:37:22 PM)

I have the same problem, we just upgraded from ISA 2004, to ISA 2006. Now we have to access https://owa.domain.com/Exchange, where as previously we didn't need /Exchange
In ISA 2004 you could add a new path
External Path:  /
Internal Path:  /Exchange\
However if you do this in ISA 2006, you get an error when you apply the change, something to do with Link Translation. How do you perform the same function is ISA 2006?



spouseele -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (28.Dec.2006 2:45:00 PM)

Hi Ben,

check out Redirecting OWA Users to the Correct Directories and Protocols with ISA Server 2006.


paul_psmith -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (28.Dec.2006 4:36:35 PM)

Just implemented this fix and it works.


Thanks all. Now all I need is to get my POP3 and SMTP problem fixed.

spouseele -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (28.Dec.2006 5:40:55 PM)

Hi Paul,

redirecting at the ISA level is one way to solve that user problem. However, it's not my favorite solution because it doesn't apply to my internal users who are connecting directly to the OWA site. [;)]


bjblackmore -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (29.Dec.2006 5:18:06 AM)

Hi Paul & spouseele,

Thanks for those links! After reading through I've got the re-direct to work using the Deny rule, however this does seem to be a bit of a long winded solutions, considering the previous solution was just to add a path for /Exchange\. I would have thought MS would have given you a checkbox or something during to publish exchange server wizard, to 'Allow Auto Redirect to /Exchange Folder'

On another note, reading the whole ISA-Firewall-Publishing-OWA-RPC-HTTP-Single-IP-Address.html series has opened up some nice new features that will come in very handy, such as Single Sign On, (which will benefit our users who have to logon to OWA & CWA), and allowing users to change thier passwords via OWA!

Much Kudos to Tom for the tutorial!


paul_psmith -> RE: OWA note redirecting to /exchange folder (2.Jan.2007 2:18:54 PM)

I have to agree with Stefaan, in that it does not help with my internal users. Seems MS has made the changes in ISA and Exchange and the different departments are not keeping up on what each other is doing. I agree with Ben as well in this. Why take out a function that worked well in the previous version? Very annoying and the workaround seems rather stiff.
The way I got it to work for my internal users was to have them "bounce" off the internal interface of the ISA server and then go back to the OWA FE servers. This is done by a rule that allows OWA traffic from a listener on the ISA server that then links to the FE servers.
We then put a DNS entry for internal OWA traffic to the IP on the ISA server, and i then had to put an entry in the hosts file on the ISA servers that pointed them to the IP address of the FE server. Again, not an ideal solution, but we need to work around the way MS has perceived how things should work.

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