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floris -> ISA2006 SE to ISA2006EE (22.Dec.2006 5:43:38 AM)

is there a way to "upgrade" from ISA 2006 SE to ISA 2006 EE? We need to start setting up branch offices and would like to make use of the functionalities (branch office wizard) available in EE. Would simply installing EE over SE retain all the settings?

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elmajdal -> RE: ISA2006 SE to ISA2006EE (22.Dec.2006 8:37:24 AM)

This applies for ISA 2004.

Upgrading from ISA Server 2004 Standard EditionThe upgrade process from ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition involves these steps:


Export the ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition configuration. For instructions, see ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition Help.


Install the Configuration Storage server component of ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition.


Install one array member (either on the Configuration Storage server or on a separate computer).


Import the configuration file that you exported in step 1 to the array you created in step 3.


Install ISA Server array members.

The array must have only one member server when you import the configuration information.

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