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DamonVaughn -> RPC protocol/disable RPC filter (27.Dec.2006 1:53:43 PM)

Hey all.  Using ISA EE 2006, joined to the domain.  Having issues with RPC/DCOM comms from a remote management computer.  The issue is that I cannot run the Group Policy Results wizard against the array servers.  Strict compliance is not enabled in system policy on or applicable rules.  Connecting to an array server gives the error that the RPC server is unavailable.  App log on the management pc gives a DCOM error event id 10009, "DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer twtrisa1 using any of the configured protocols."

If I disable the RPC filtering within the RPC protocol, it works.  What are the implications of this?  Is there a way to allow the GPMC features with the RPC filtering enabled?

Thanks in advance.


DamonVaughn -> RE: RPC protocol/disable RPC filter (27.Dec.2006 2:28:09 PM)

FYI, disabling the RPC filtering breaks the intra-array communication (CSS is installed on each array member).  Not really what I want :(

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