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AlexSZ -> Cisco VoIP and VPN Site to Site (5.Jan.2007 12:18:50 PM)

Hi Everyone,

I created a PPTP VPN site to site, its working fine. What I'm trying to do is to connect two Cisco routers that have FXO and FXS cards and communicate two PBX, the routers currently have connection trough a private link, I tried changing the gateways and routing information at the
router, the configuration suppose to be fine, the routers can see each other through the VPN, but at the ISA Server 2006 Log
I'm getting this message when I try to make a call:
Port       Protocol               Action                                                   Rule                                                                                       Result Code
1720       H.323                     Protocol Initiated Connection     Allow Access between VPN and Internal               0x0 ERROR_SUCCESS
1720       H.323                     Protocol Closed Connection        Allow Access between VPN and Internal               0x80074e24 FWX_E_CONNECTION_KILLED

Seems that something it's not letting the connection to be successful.  I posted this question at “microsoft.public.isa.vpn” newsgroup and someone told me that he thinks the routers are going to work well over the VPN behind the ISA, I think should work fine.

Does anyone has an idea about this problem?



AlexSZ -> RE: Cisco VoIP and VPN Site to Site (9.Jan.2007 11:31:14 AM)

I'm not sure if I'm not explaining well my situation, I'm going to start a support case with microsoft. I hope they can help me.

Thanks a lot to everyone,


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