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klubell -> Endless logon on OWA (6.Jan.2007 8:18:13 PM)

We are trying to implement new Exchange 2007 server. Trying to publish OWA, we first tried to publish with ISA 2000, but since it may be time to upgrade I brought up a test server ISA 2006. Went through the tutorial

Internal clients work fine, but when an external client connects to owa they see the logon page. Yeah. But after logging in the user is redirected to logon page with no error message. If you login with a bad password it tells you ISA can not confirm you as a user.

I can not seem to get beyond this page. I look at the live monitor and it says everything is hunky dory.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

klubell -> RE: Endless logon on OWA (8.Jan.2007 7:18:48 PM)

As I troubleshoot this I realize the form I see is on the ISA Server and hence I am not getting true connectivity to the back end OWA Server. I see I forgot to check the box that tells the ISA server to make the packets look like they come from the client. Then I got an ICMP error, which was fixed by fixing a typo in the HOSTS file. Now I get time outs on the client. I think the server is pointing to the wrong active directory domain.

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