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jmorgan -> Reporting users matched to websites (7.Jan.2007 10:51:18 PM)

Hi All

I have run an ISA report of our last month's internet usage and found that one of the the "top sites" was a poker gaming site. We want to find out which user was responsible for using this site and have a list of the top users. But 6 of the top users all used enough data for it to be any one of them.

Is there any way to do an isa report which matches the users to the sites they viewed or top 10 sites for each user and what traffic they used for our monthly reporting?


elmajdal -> RE: Reporting users matched to websites (24.Jan.2007 9:07:15 PM)

Check This Article : Creating Detailed Reports Using ISA Server 2006 & Excel
Now in step 5 , set the filter to log the LAST 30 DAYS
and in step 8,  replace this filter with : URL Equals

and you will get the users who surfed to this site for the past 30 days.

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