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martyynster -> FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (9.Jan.2007 11:00:15 AM)

I receive the following error when I try to access to an internet
authenticate ftp server from my network using isa server as proxy:

Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The login request was denied. The logon
account might have been disabled or logon information might have
changed. Log on again to verify that the information was typed
correctly. If the problem continues, report the problem to the
administrator of the Internet server you are requesting. (12015)
IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Date: 09/01/2007 13.02.57 [GMT]
Server: xxx
Source: xxx


tshinder -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (19.Jan.2007 1:56:53 PM)

Is the machine configured as a Web proxy client?


z_haseeb -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (19.Jan.2007 3:17:35 PM)

HI martyynster

How you can say that this is the problem from your ISA.......
Is that problem also facing your other network users?
have you tried any other FTP server(if you have a chance) that FTP server also giving you the same error?

martyynster -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (22.Jan.2007 10:08:58 AM)

I have the error when I try to connect to all authenticate  internet ftp server. On the client it doesn't appear the pop-up that require user name and password for access to ftp server.
I have already tried to install firewall client on my client but the result is not changed.Do you know if isa server passes through proxy the POP-UP for ftp authentication?


z_haseeb -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (22.Jan.2007 10:26:04 AM)

ftp traffic is allowed on your ISA?

martyynster -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (22.Jan.2007 11:02:19 AM)

I have create a rule for ftp access from internal network to external.
For unauthenticate ftp server as ftp:\\ftp.dlink.com it works correctly.

jasonmlloyd -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (31.Jan.2007 11:07:07 AM)

I have the exact same issue.

ISA 2006 on a Windows 2003R2 server.  ISA is configured with a single NIC and we have a PIX firewall.  Client using IE7 (not sure if IE6 affected).  Connecting to a FTP site which allows anonymous connections (ftp://ftpav.ca.com) works fine.  Connecting to any FTP site which requires the authentication pop-up results in the ISA server 'denied' error page.

Initial logging suggested a 'block audio' content type filter was stopping connections from the client.  When I stopped this a 'block video' filter stopped the connections.  Both these filters simply denied the relevant Content type.

After disabling the filters it still fails, but logging lists Action as 'Failed Connection'.

I have tried unchecking Passive FTP on the IE7 Advanced tab. I have allowed traffic from localhost for All users and I can connect from the ISA server from a command line, so I know the site is okay.  I can connect from IE on the ISA if I do not specify a proxy.  If I specify a proxy, it fails again.  Clients can connect directly if they have direct access through the PIX.  I have stopped FTP caching and I have disabled the FTP Access Filter, with no effect.

It seems like ISA does not like something in the Authentication element of FTP, but I'm stumped about what.  I still have an ISA 2004 server on another site, so I'll double check through that, but I suspect it will be okay.

Any ideas anyone??

NB: Tested a dual NIC ISA2004 server on Windows 2003 and it works perfectly.

NB2: Tested IE6 client through ISA 2006 and it works okay.  It appears the problem is when connecting to an authenticated FTP site from IE7 through ISA2006.  I tried adding the FTP site to the trusted sites list, but no joy.

spouseele -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (31.Jan.2007 2:04:24 PM)

Hey guys,

check out About the FTP Protocol Support in ISA Server.


dljones10 -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (21.Feb.2007 10:50:59 AM)

I was wondering if Jason ever found an answer to his problem.  I am having the same issues with IE7 and ISA 2004.  I keep getting the "502 Proxy Error. The login request was denied." when trying to access a particular ftp site that requires authentication.  I have tried all the IE7 settings that are stated in Stefaan's article. 

I can access the ftp site through IE6 and the command line.

Any help would be appreciated.



ninjitsu -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (23.Feb.2007 3:09:30 PM)

I've found it helps in Ie7 to enter the FTP site like this "ftp://[user]:[password]@[site]" .  the 502 error occures because the ISA tries to log on to the ftp server probably anonymously and fails.

However using this I still get
"ISA Server: extended error message :
200 TYPE is now ASCII

200 PORT command successful

425 Could not open data connection to port 2821: Connection refused "

which does mean that IE7 successfully connected to the FTP server but still fails to fully initailize I belive because IE7 isn't in Pasv mode like it should be.

If anyone has seen this and knows a work around. please let me know.

provtcnelson -> RE: FTP access using isa server 2006 as proxy (7.Mar.2007 6:30:26 PM)


I was having this issue in IE7 also, but I found after getting the ISA block page, if you select the IE7 'page' dropdown and select 'Open FTP site in Windows Explorer' the authentication box does come up and it works OK through the Explorer view. Sounds like IE7 issue to me


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