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brittanyl -> Installing CSS in DC? (22.Jan.2007 2:55:20 AM)

Hi there,

I wonder the below scenario advisable?

Will be installing CSS into DC. Then ISA array services will be installed on 2 different standalone server.


tshinder -> RE: Installing CSS in DC? (24.Jan.2007 2:00:17 PM)

You should always make the ISA Firewall array members domain members unless you have a very specific reason not to. Remember, domain membership is more secure than standalone.


Boedus -> RE: Installing CSS in DC? (24.Jan.2007 7:31:11 PM)

CSS on a DC is not advisible at all. A DC should be a DC end of story. The Active directory is the core element of your infrastructure.
Plus installing a CSS on a DC will give you lots of trouble to make your A working as all traffic will be closed down.
Finally if your CSS is running SQL Server that will definitly kill your DC physical ressources such as memory/cpu.

And finally as Tom said ISA should be installed on domain members for security reason but also for manageability reason (Group Policies etc...).

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