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gtmac -> Web Proxy (4.Feb.2007 12:35:11 PM)

I'm installing ISA 2006 enterprise for the first time on a Windows 2003 server in a windows domain. I have a Edge Cisco PIX firewall and would like to use the ISA as a Web proxy so I was wondering the following;
  • Do I require 2 network cards on the ISA? There is already 2 on board NICs but since I'm using this as a proxy I wasn't sure...
  • Do I need to deploy the ISA client, and how is this done? AD? Or do I use Group policy to force all users to use the ISA proxy???
  • Is there any good step by step Proxy only setup guides?


tshinder -> RE: Web Proxy (16.Feb.2007 8:36:04 AM)

Hi Greg,

Given the profound security issues with the PIX, I always configure the ISA Firewall as either a back end firewall or a parallel firewall. The ISA Firewall has no exploits while the PIX has many expliots documented on secunia.com.

Keep in mind that the ISA Firewall was designed as a network firewall with some Web proxy features. But it's always a firewall, no matter how the admin might try to gut it.


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