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Zapata -> Virtual ISA 2006 (5.Feb.2007 4:07:06 PM)

Im running a 2 legged ISA 2006 on MS Virtual Server 2005R2, the External network card on the host machine has Virtual Server enabled only, no TCP/IP or other protocols.


1) Is this a safe way to run ISA?
2) How much does VS impact on ISA performance?
3) Are there any considerations running ISA this way?

This is not a production environment atm.

ptlinva -> RE: Virtual ISA 2006 (5.Feb.2007 9:09:12 PM)

I'm not sure if you realize it, but Virtual Server is limited to ONE processor.

It doesn't take much traffic at all to overwhelm ONE processor in ISA - especially with all the writing to the log files for each packet transferred.

As somone who runs Virtual Server (as well as VMware), I wouldn't recommend running your firewall on a virtual server.  I'm got Virtual Server running on two production servers and I've hit limitations quite a few times (one is running 8 virtuals and the other 5 virtuals on dual processors with hyperthreading (shows up as 4 processors in base o/s). 

VMware will let you use more processors and is probably a better choice for running ISA.

I wouldn't recommend rolling out ISA as a virtual machine in a production environment unless you don't anticipate ANY growth.

BTW, why are you trying to use this type of arrangement?  Is it for testing or possibly for dedicated servers for customers?

Good Luck! :)

Your friend in Virginia,
Paul L.

ptlinva -> RE: Virtual ISA 2006 (5.Feb.2007 9:23:41 PM)

Sometimes it helps to read the ENTIRE message - including the last sentence before replying....


BTW, in a non-production environment, running multiple ISA's on MSVS will work just fine.

It's definately a great way to test things...

Good Luck and let us know how it goes! :)


Zapata -> RE: Virtual ISA 2006 (7.Feb.2007 1:11:46 PM)

I didn't know that MSVS used only one CPU, thanks for telling me!

What did you think about safety as far as ISA sharing NIC with the host?


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