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A2 -> I am unable to connect the firewall client software with ISA server. (7.Feb.2007 3:01:17 AM)

Further to our tele-conversation, below you can find the details of our network.
I have installed ISA Server 2006 standard edition (Trial Version) in Integrated Mode. The ISA Server Machine is connected to the Domain but no server role is configured except ISA. I have applied the default network Template Edge Firewall. The ISA server machine is having two interfaces Internal and External. Internal Interface has IP address of internal network and the internal DNS (No Gateway) whereas the external gateway is connected to the DSL Modem and an IP of the external i.e. separate network and DNS of the ISP.
I want to make all the clients firewall client. For that I install the client software on machines.
Internal Network
Internal network has the following IP addressing scheme – /24
The IP address of the internal network interface is
I am not able to ping the server from any client after installing ISA server. But if I create access rule in firewall to allow PING (ICMP Protocol) from Internal to Local Host then the users are able to ping but still the FW Client software is not able to find the server neither automatically nor manually. When I try to find the server automatically it gives message “failed to detect ISA server”. When I try manually by giving IP address it says “The specified server returned an unresolved redirected server name” and when I put server name it says “failed to resolve server name”. I checked nslookup command it is working fine i.e. returning the name of the server.
External Network
External network as I told you is connected to a DSL Modem and I have connected the external interface of the ISA Server to this.
External network has the following IP scheme – 255 /24
IP of the DSL Modem is
IP of the external interface of the server is

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