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jake_1006 -> Slow OWA using ldap auth. (8.Feb.2007 4:58:54 AM)


Need some help... I have published OWA 2007 through ISA 2006 (on DMZ).

I started using Radius auth. and logon to OWA took just 2. sec...

I wanted to use the change password features so decided to use Ldap.. But logon to OWA now took 60 sec.
I added ISA server to my domain and when using Windows auth. logon to OWA is about 15 sec.

Now, with all relevant (if think) ports open Ldap auth. is still 60 sec...

Do You know how I get quicker logon using Ldap?

Thank You


jake_1006 -> RE: Slow OWA using ldap auth. (12.Feb.2007 8:53:34 AM)

I guess something is wrong with my certificates.. But cannot figure out what...
Ldap authentication from a non ISA server in my DMZ worŽks fine.

Reading other forums I suspect the slow logon has something to do with crl checking...

Could someone give a hint on how to troubleshoot this?

By the way. I'm using an internal MS CA.

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