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SenthilKumar -> Unable to Browse internet in server (9.Feb.2007 11:02:51 PM)


I am running SBS 2000 With Symantec Antivirus Corp 10.1. i have configured the Internet Access in the Server. i am able to browse from the Clients but not from the server. i am unable to Access any of the external sites as well as Update my Antivirus Automatically using Live UPdate. Can u pls let me know how to enable internet in the ISA Server for browsing in the server itlself.

mdwasim -> RE: Unable to Browse internet in server (23.Feb.2008 6:40:43 AM)

Hello Pal,

You are able to access from clients:
1. You have enabled or configured a rule on ISA to Allow traffic from internal network to external network(internet)
2. You have configured proxy in browser.
3. You have distributed the ISA client to setup on Clients machine which autometically configure browser.

You are not able to access from Server:
I am considering you are not able to access from ISA server.
Only reason you didnt configure rule to Allow traffic from "Localhost" that is ISA server to External.(internet)

Unable to update AV:
Check on which port your AV is getting updated.
If you get the port number just make a rule to enable outbound traffic on it.

Please post the port on which you are able to update AV, coz i also don't know that.

If you have any more queries please reply back.



AHIT -> RE: Unable to Browse internet in server (2.Mar.2008 8:05:34 PM)

suggest first up you have a rad of http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/Getting_Started_with_ISA_Server.html to get a bit of understanding around ISA in the first place.

Then, more specifically to your questions:

How to Allow Internet Access on ISA Server Machine.

How to allow Symantec Liveupdate access through ISA.

Fixing the Symantec LiveUpdate Problem.

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