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stosti -> Cisco IPsec VPN (18.Feb.2007 1:33:59 PM)


I am trying to connect two buildings via vpn tunnel using cisco routers.  The tunnel is up but traffic is unable to pass from the router internal interface to my internal network that connects to the internal network card of my ISA 2004 server.  The side that has no ISA server (we are using the router's firewall set as the only firewall) is working fine. 

How do I get my ISA server to pass traffic which originated on the (other location) network passes throught the tunnel and enters my firewalls external interface.  This interface connects directly to my router FE 0/0.  From my router I can ping (ISA internal nic address).  I cannot ping machines on my internal network.  Cisco says I need to be able to for the tunnel to work properly.


tonygauderman -> RE: Cisco IPsec VPN (21.Feb.2007 12:47:24 PM)

It sounds like you have a basic routing problem, not an ISA Server configuration problem.  Do not use your ISA Server as a router, as it's not a router, but a firewall.  You need to route traffic destined for the remote network through the inside interface of your Cisco router.

What are the IP's of your clients, and what do their routing tables look like.  Are you using more than one interface on your router, if so what are the other addresses.

stosti -> RE: Cisco IPsec VPN (21.Feb.2007 12:54:08 PM)


I'm all set...  I'm adding another T1 circuit and a router.  This will be a dedicated gateway to my UK office.

Thank You!

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