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awol -> failed to install ADAM (23.Feb.2007 6:19:13 AM)

I'm not sure if I'll get back to this because I'm giving this up in the next few minutes!
I was running ISA 2004 which locked itself off the network - no problem - just reinstall, except that I don't have the install files anymore. So I downloaded ISA 2006 EE at 8kbps cos our international bandwidth is dead for some reason. Anyway I run the install, and get this message:
80070643 failed to install ADAM. I don't know who ADAM is but he's not installing on 2 seperate and different servers, which means maybe I'm missing something. But I can't find ANY reference to this on any site, including Microsoft or the installation documentation.
On one server it asks me for UPDATE.EXE from Server 2003 R2 disk 2 ( which is not the version the server is running ) Ok, so I put the disk in and get the failure. The other server ( original ISA ) does not ask for the disk, but fails with the same error, even if I only choose to install the CSS.
All I need this ISA is for proxy - no firewalls or fancy stuff, and it's supposed to be temporary until I can get a Linux proxy running. @#%$%
This is a single NIC server with only Proxy as I have an external firewall.

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