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sdfarmer -> Upgrade 2004 (std) to 2006 (std) tips? (5.Mar.2007 9:07:48 AM)

I have a single ISA 2004 (std) installation that I would like to upgrade to 2006 (std).  My server was set up with two NIC cards with one connected to the internet and one connected to the internal network.  (i used the Apr 30, 2001 tutorial entitled 'Configuring ISA Server Interface Settings' to set up this server).

Are there any tips/tutorials that will guide me through the upgrade process?  I want to be able to keep all my config settings.  Any warnings?



elmajdal -> RE: Upgrade 2004 (std) to 2006 (std) tips? (5.Mar.2007 11:26:50 AM)


Check this : http://www.microsoft.com/technet/isa/2006/upgrade_guide_se.mspx


sdfarmer -> RE: Upgrade 2004 (std) to 2006 (std) tips? (5.Mar.2007 12:20:38 PM)


I'm aware of this article...just wanted to see if anybody had anything else to add.

Anyway...i went ahead with the upgrade and so far it looks like it was successful.

elmajdal -> RE: Upgrade 2004 (std) to 2006 (std) tips? (5.Mar.2007 12:28:28 PM)

well your first post didnt show that u are aware of such article.

anyway, glad that it was smooth with you.

Thanks for the follow up.


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