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chirgboy -> ISA 2000 / OWA 2007 (21.Mar.2007 9:53:48 AM)


I have a duanting task in front of me. I have not worked with any ISA servers (that's right) nor have I worked with exchange 2007 (yes, I've worked with previous versions through 5.5). I have a new client that uses both of these and I need to configure their OWA to work through their ISA 2000 box. The Exchange server is up and running (and in production) via another consultant.

Does anyone have the knowledge OR links to the knowledge that will provide the info on how to accomplish this?

Yes, I've read that it's much better to use ISA 2006. I can suggest that to them but that isn't the playing field before me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!.

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