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tvmo -> Number of network cards? (22.Mar.2007 3:47:30 PM)


Setup: ISA Server 2006 array as a back-end firewall/proxy server behind a Cisco PIX front-end.

The above will be a new implementation. I've had a network diagram put under my nose which has about 9 network interfaces, these comprise of:

1) External
2) Internal LAN
3) Intra-array
4) Private network using IPSEC encryption
5) Remote dial-in
6) SAN (for imaging the OS and config)
7) DMZ (Email)
8) Mobile workers (blackberry/Exchange OWA/Citrix)
9) Another

I know it's probably difficult to tell as you won't know the environment, but do we really need all these separate networks? How will things like DNS and default gateways be set up with so many networks?


fabrizio -> RE: Number of network cards? (23.Mar.2007 9:35:09 AM)

To me it seems that most of them are logical layers instead of physical. For example you don't need different NICs for remote access. For a detailed explanation network topology is required.


tvmo -> RE: Number of network cards? (26.Mar.2007 7:13:20 AM)

Thanks for the reply.

I think I can simplify the installation by using 4 network cards on the ISA server. The ISA array will be in a back-end configuration, fronted by a CISCO PIX firewall. We have internal DNS (with forwarders) servers and WINS servers. How do I configure the TCP/IP settings on each card for the following networks?
1. Inernal LAN - IP address, subnet mask, DNS and WINS servers, no default gateway?
2. Internal Intra-array - IP address, subnet mask, DNS and WINS servers, no default gateway?
3. Internal Private network - IP address, subnet mask, DNS and WINS servers, no default gateway?
4. External - IP address, subnet mask, default gateway (internal IP of the CISCO PIX firewall)

Thanks again

tvmo -> RE: Number of network cards? (29.Mar.2007 2:49:35 PM)

Any offers guys?

As I understand it WINS/DNS should be configured on ONE internal (call it network A) adapter only - is this right?

How will I get my other internal networks to use the DNS/WINS servers on network A?


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