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mclaughlin -> web proxy question (23.Mar.2007 12:35:29 PM)

Hello, quick question on using ISA as a web proxy - Does it time out on you? I left my machine for 3 hours, and when I came back I seemed to have no connection to the internet. I shut down my IE and re-started it, and was back on. Is there a timeout setting I need to look at? Thanks!!

tshinder -> RE: web proxy question (23.Mar.2007 1:34:51 PM)

I think the Web proxy listener times out after 15 minutes.


mclaughlin -> RE: web proxy question (23.Mar.2007 1:44:00 PM)

Thanks Tom - Where is that found, and is there a way to change it? Many thanks for answering what might seem like mundane questions!

tshinder -> RE: web proxy question (26.Mar.2007 10:25:51 AM)

The setting should be found in the Advanced Properties of the Web proxy listener for that Network.


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