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speedhost -> Using ISA 2006 as a Router (replace cisco) (23.Mar.2007 8:16:55 PM)

we have a couple branch offices have a lan-lan connection to our main office.
Today lans are being routed by a cisco switch/router.
I want a bit more control over the traffic comming from the branch offices,
so i was wondering if  the isa 2006 can replace a router performance wise ?
(I know that adding more security featuers will hurt the performance, but there are of course limits)

tshinder -> RE: Using ISA 2006 as a Router (replace cisco) (9.Apr.2007 11:41:52 AM)

Hi Speed,

The ISA Firewall has been tested to support over 1.5Gbps for stateful packet inspection. Of course, if you add application layer inspection, it's going to be less.


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