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mclaughlin -> inbound traffic not being forwarded (2.Apr.2007 12:21:57 PM)

Hi all, I have a question on inbound traffic. We have out ISA server set up with the 2 NIC's, one external and one internal. Using it as a web proxy works beautifully, and we can get out just fine. However, the forwarding rules do not appear to be working. As a test we set up a rule to allow pings from our external web site, and we cannot ping. Obviously mail does not go through, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.....ISA is set up right behind our router by the way....

mclaughlin -> RE: inbound traffic not being forwarded (2.Apr.2007 2:25:09 PM)

Here is an error we get while trying to RDP over to a server on our network from outside. We have set a rule allowing access too....


Thanks again....

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