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heropsycho -> ISA reports not being created: "Generating..." (2.Apr.2007 3:51:38 PM)

I'm having a strange issue with ISA 2006.  I'm trying to setup for a customer a weekly standard HTML report within the console to be published to a file server.  I specified the report content and all that, and awaited for an email confirmation of the report, but nothing happens.

When I check the status of the report, it's stuck on "generating..."

I have confirmed an account with the proper password is setup with rights to the file share.  I've also run IsaBPA, with nothing identified as an issue.  All the latest patches are installed as well for both the OS and ISA, with the exception of Windows 2003 SP2, don't want to go there yet.

Also, as a troubleshooting step, I've tried to create the report on the local machine, and it still does not work.

There are no events in the event log either.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get around this?  I'm racking my brain here before I bite the bullet and call Microsoft Product Support.

Thanks in advance!

heropsycho -> RE: ISA reports not being created: "Generating..." (19.Apr.2007 9:35:49 PM)

Found the solution:

You need to install the hotfix collection package for it.  To get it, contact Microsoft Product Support.

elmajdal -> RE: ISA reports not being created: "Generating..." (20.Apr.2007 5:13:36 AM)

Interesting  !!


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