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hunglikethor -> Active Sync Support code: 0x80072F06 (5.Apr.2007 3:20:53 PM)

I have successfully imported my internal root CA to my treo 750 wx samrtphone with windows mobile.  While attempting to sync the smartphone has issues with the SSL certificate common name.  The common name is the name of the Exchange 2007 server, which resides internal to the rest of the world and only communicates to the outside world via ISA 2006 and postfix mail gateway.

Have similar issue with OWA, but it is a warning which my users can bypass.  Is theri any way to bypass this warning on a windows mobile smartphone?

Zabulon -> RE: Active Sync Support code: 0x80072F06 (5.Apr.2007 4:09:58 PM)

the common name has to be the same as the DNS name... I made that mistake and had to correct it before it started working.

hunglikethor -> RE: Active Sync Support code: 0x80072F06 (5.Apr.2007 6:26:06 PM)

How do you make a cert that works with ActiveSync and OWA?

My Exchange Server is internal and only accessed via ISA 2006, yet ActiveSync on the smartphone expects the common names to match.  If I use the common name of the ISA Server, my OWA clients cannot access their mail.

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