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tollair -> ISA 2006 only as a proxy (23.Apr.2007 4:08:09 AM)

Hi there, I want to replace our existing proxy server (Trend IWSS 2.5) with ISA 2006 but just use it as a proxy server. Will this be cabable of doing this?Apart from caching does it check web pages for phishing and spyware etc.I am a bit new to ISA but IWSS is causing a few problem with us having to restart services periodically.Thanks in Advance.

btg -> RE: ISA 2006 only as a proxy (18.Jun.2007 3:55:05 AM)

it wont work anywhere near as thorough as the trend product due to no predefined lists. You will be required to make all lists and policies on isa while redefined in trend.

You can however use the http filter to prevent malicious content by specifying what headers and signatures you want to allow through only.

I would probably cache with isa and let trend screen the pages. if you wanna use both. If the choice is for only one then stay with trend for the screening functionality your after.

jmilito -> RE: ISA 2006 only as a proxy (6.Jul.2007 8:43:17 PM)

ISA is very powerful but will not do the AV, spyware, and phishing screens you want. BTG is are probably best keeping the Trend product in line with the ISA server unless you want to invest in some third party ISA add-ons. Several popular vendors make products for the ISA server that will add the functionality. Personally I like to keep this off my ISA box... Keeping off the server keeps the performance up.

You can however import squid blacklists into your rule sets, block several dangerous messenger and p2p programs, and block dangerous traffic. These are mostly done manually. Look at for some good applications to help you achieve some of your goals.

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