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odroubi -> ISA 2006 web proxy- exceptions list (23.Apr.2007 7:30:09 PM)

Hello all,

I am deploying an ISA 2006 as a web proxy and I need to import about 300 different internal domain names. When you open the internal network properties and select the Web Browser tab- you can add a list of IP addresses, IP ranges, AD domains or you can type in FQDN or wild card dns domain names.

I need to add a lot of these including a few of every flavor

Is there anyway to import this as I would hate to have to type it in and end up with fat finger user errors.

Any help would be great.


pesannason -> RE: ISA 2006 web proxy- exceptions list (8.May2007 2:12:16 PM)

Hi Omar,

What I've done is to create a new Domain Name set or URL set and add a few domains into it. OK the set and apply the changes. Then Export the set and open it in Notepad. From here just follow the format of the document and add away. Just be sure to keep the same format. Once you're done save it and then import it back into ISA.

Also at this site there are already created lists that you can use.

Hope this helps,


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