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ozgurerdogan -> Reverse Dns Cache ? (30.Apr.2007 4:23:14 PM)

Hi great people, here is the configration;
1 isa,
1 IIS + Primary Dns,
1 Mail + Secondary DNS

This will be a hosting company so no internal users. I want to use reserve cache for IIS for a faster response.
What I wonder is can I also use reserve dns caching and where do I find info or article on that.
Thanks a lot

tshinder -> RE: Reverse Dns Cache ? (1.May2007 7:52:53 AM)

The ISA Firewall automaticall does rDNS lookups and caching.


ozgurerdogan -> RE: Reverse Dns Cache ? (1.May2007 8:23:43 AM)

Dear Tom,
You mean that, I do not need to do anything extra. For example how can I view and control the cache content like rCahce for Web with rDNS caching?
Can you give me a link.
Thanks a lot

tshinder -> RE: Reverse Dns Cache ? (2.May2007 8:03:37 PM)

You can't manipulate the DNS cache -- the TTLs returned by the DNS servers are respected.


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