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pesannason -> Internet not working on IE6 but it does work in Outlook??? (8.May2007 1:59:44 PM)

Hello All,

I have this issue with one user in our organization and I can't figure it out yet. I can't even figure out how to search the forum for her issue. I will explain as best I can.

I have ISA 2006 running in house and it chains to an upstream proxy in our DMZ. So everyone is working merrily along and BOOM a user can't connect to Google while using IE 6. She can connect to all network and local  resources. She can ping the ISA server. She can ping websites and get replies. She can get to the Intranet site. Somehow she figured to try to access her favorites through Outlook and viola! she has access to the Internet. ( I can't take credit for that one). She can login to another machine and use the Internet properly.

If we bypass the local proxy here and have her use the upstream proxy she can connect to the Internet just fine through IE 6.

I changed her IP address, I logged on to her machine with an admin account, I reinstalled IE 6 all to no avail.

While looking at the logs all I see are anonymous connections that are denied and then her connection is Initiated and then closed. When she goes through Outlook the logs show her connect and then her request is forwarded to the upstream proxy properly.

Has anyone seen this before or even better, solved this?

Thank you for your help in advance.


jmilito -> RE: Internet not working on IE6 but it does work in Outlook??? (30.Jun.2007 9:54:11 AM)

Hmmm... That is indeed an interesting situation. Out of curiosity can you access the internet logged in as her on a different (known good) workstation? Also are you using the firewall client by any chance?

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