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ullifichte -> Problems with caching websites! (10.May2007 4:12:00 AM)


I have a problem with ISA Server 2004 and the Cache mode! I go to url an the site is shown completely. Once again I have the error that the side can not be display.
Unfortunately I canīt post a screenshot (I donīt have the permission on this side?).

Can anyone help me?!



elmajdal -> RE: Problems with caching websites! (10.May2007 10:54:46 AM)


If you disabled caching , what would happen ?

jmilito -> RE: Problems with caching websites! (30.Jun.2007 9:38:15 AM)

Also you may want to try if you haven't already. They have a cache tool which will easily clear your cache via command line. It gives you various options too... I have found this very helpful when troubleshooting cache issues.

I have found there are some sites that just will not work well with the cache and I have had to create an exclusions rule for these sites. I only have a few though...

In the past I have had the exact problem you describe with google. I think I may have just given up on it and added it to the exclusions. If I remember after this week's vacation I will check my rule set to verify.

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