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conna -> RRAS ISA2004 and error 736 (21.May2007 2:30:11 PM)

Can the Routing and remote access service be disabled leaving ISA 2004 to handle the job?

If not, does it have to have any special setup in order to work with ISA 2004?  What is the proper config then for RRAS?

I ask this because I am having issues that are only temporally fixed by manually changing the config of RRAS in order to get PPTP VPN access.  I have to manually assign a range of IP address's within RRAS to give users connecting to the ISA using VPN.  If I do not, and allow DHCP, then they cannot connect giving a error of 736 "the remote computer disconnected...  The other issue is that ISA wants to use DHCP to assign address and if a policy changes and you apply the setting, RRAS gets set back to using DHCP giving the 736 error.  If I manually tell ISA to use a range of static address to give to VPN users, then it says it cannot use that range because it is already used on the internal network.  Of course, I want to assign an IP that is used on the internal network.  I do not see how anything would work otherwise.

I know I am lacking in my description and it probably on makes sense only to me but I can provide as much info as you need. 

I would really like to get DHCP assigned address's to work without getting the 736 remote computer disconnect error. 

Your suggestions are welcome. [:)]

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