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ldeboli -> SecureNAT Client and single site access (28.May2007 4:48:20 AM)

Greetings to all!
I'm new to ISA Server 2004/6 and i have a configuration error i could not understand.
I have a Version Control (Hp People know what i'm talking about) that needs to access only to * sites in order to download firmaware / software updates.
It's a Wsus for hp hardware.
Previously, when i had Isa Server 2000 i had a rule that allowed all HTTP and FTP traffic on * and * originating from the server's IP Adress and all went well.
Now i have the same config except that it doesn't work!
The server is configured as SecureNAT client.
The rule is this: Allow always all FTP and HTTP traffic from VCRM Ip Address to Domain Name Set - VCRM (* and *

Any kind advice on that ?

Thank you all.

PS Sorry for bad english , i'm Italian :)

ozgurerdogan -> RE: SecureNAT Client and single site access (28.May2007 5:56:51 PM)

is that isa 2006 cos I have the same issue. if you make "To" external then it works but to all web sites :)

I am about to go crayz.

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