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marius1978 -> redirect (31.May2007 1:48:18 PM)

Here is my design. When I send emails out of my organization the email are routed to my primary gateway ending in xx7. When I am receiving emails from outside they are comming through xx0
the Exchange server card  hase the xx7 as a default and I gues that is why the email are goin thorough that gateway.
How can I do to make all the mail server get through my ISA server with the IP xx0  ?
Change the gatwway on the server ?
What rules should I create in ISA so it will accept email and be as a default route for emails only ?

tshinder -> RE: redirect (5.Jun.2007 10:38:37 AM)

Make the Exchange Server a SecureNAT client of the ISA Firewall.


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