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awojtowicz -> Error Code 10060 email attachment (6.Jun.2007 3:10:55 PM)

i'm getting some errors on some of my clients who are going through a 2004 ISA Server.  The users can get to any site they want no problem.  The problem is with some web based email sites like netzero or yahoo.  If the user goes to netzero, they get everything fine.  They then go to send an email with an attachment.  They get to the web based email fine but the attachment doesn't allways attach.  it will get the error code 10060: connnection timeout error.  if i try it from a system that bypasses the isa server it works fine everytime. 

i'm lost here.  i would think it would block the whole site but it doesn't.  it just times out on attaching the file.

any ideas?

its a 2004 isa server on a windows 2003 server.

Rye035 -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (27.Jun.2007 2:10:51 AM)

I also have the same problem... Anybody know any workarounds/solutions for the "mail attachment" timeout problem?

mzakir -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (27.Jun.2007 11:26:41 AM)


Did you allow these sites in Domain sets ?

Do you have any add-on webfilter in your ISA box ?

Rye035 -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (8.Jul.2007 9:13:22 PM)

In my case, no add-on web filters. And yes, the sites where I encounter timeouts are allowed. This is only true on web proxy clients. I tried attaching a large file (about 6mb) using a firewall client and experienced no problems.

jmilito -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (8.Jul.2007 9:22:59 PM)

Are you doing any file compression or content caching? If so try making an exclude rule for caching and clear your cache after configuring the rule. Compression... I have found html and text compression only will yield the best no-error results.

Rye035 -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (8.Jul.2007 9:43:44 PM)

No, I am not using compression. I will try excluding the sites in my caching rule. Hope it works. Thanks. :)

Rye035 -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (8.Jul.2007 10:26:15 PM)

I am still getting a timeout message even after clearing the cache and excluding the site. I tried this on our test ISA server. See logs below...

Failed Connection Attempt
ISA-SERVER 7/9/2007 10:08:00 AM
Log type: Web Proxy (Forward)
Status: 10060 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. 
Rule: Allow_IP_Internet_Users
Source: Internal (
Destination: External (
Request: POST
Filter information: Req ID: 04102fef 
Protocol: http
User: domain\isauser

jmilito -> RE: Error Code 10060 email attachment (9.Jul.2007 6:29:11 AM)

Hmmm... I have been having problems with the new yahoo site as well. Funny thing is I can get it to work fine through Firefox but not IE. Excluding from the cache helped but did not extinguish the problems. I will look into it again when I get to work and see if I am having similar upload/attachment problems as you describe.

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