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dharamsale -> outlook problem in ISA serevr porxy network (12.Jun.2007 10:28:26 AM)

I configured ISA server 2004 SP3 as a proxy server, I have active directory windows 2003 and anther machine ISA server 2004 SP3 with two nice card, one is for internal network and other one is for ISP, in domain controller I pointer getaway to ISA server IP address, I configured ISA server client in every system to access net through proxy, domain user are able to access net and outlook, but I have some laptop I not joined them in domain just I created username and password in Active directory and same user name and password I kept for laptop, I installed ISA firewall client and configured proxy then I am able to access net but when I using outlook 2003 then I am not able to connect to mail server, in server policy I configured SMTP, pop3, And DNS for all user for internal to external network. Even also outlook is not able to connect mail server.

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