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Yorgy -> 537 Events in System Log (12.Jun.2007 8:38:38 PM)

Greetings Everyone!

I am hoping someone can shed some light this way...I am losing my mind!!

Here is my setup:

ISA 2006 on a Windows Server 2003 w/SP1
Time is synchronized with two of our DC's

I have noticed in our system log for every two precise minutes, an entry is logged with Event ID 537 stating that an unexpected error has occurred trying to authenticate with kerberos.

When I stop the firewall service, errors are not logged. [&:]

I know its related to the firewall; but I just don't know how to fix this.

I am have access rules in place that allows kerberos through the firewall; but this problem continues.

Is there anyone who can help me with this? [&:]
I am having 537 nightmares!

Thank you

relentless -> RE: 537 Events in System Log (13.Jun.2007 5:05:18 AM)

If your sure the firewall rules are correct then it 'could' be a problem with receive side scaling on the network card. You can quickly test it check out the advanced tab in the network card properties and see if the card has receive side scaling, if so try disabling and restart. See if you still get the events. If not then there is a registry key that can disable it so you don't have to change any hardware settings.

Yorgy -> RE: 537 Events in System Log (13.Jun.2007 7:19:42 AM)

I appreciate your reply.
I will check for this setting on my network card, and post back my answer.

Thank you

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