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dharamsale -> ISA server Installation for Small Network (13.Jun.2007 7:17:38 AM)

I want to configure ISA server for small network of 80 to 100 clients, form this I want to control internet access to user, VPN connection and Active directory with client and without active directory clients,
I have 2 system one is IBM x300 server and other one is P4 3GHz HT system, I want to setup active directory and SQL server and VSS configuration for development team. In this almost all user joined in domain and anther 10 to 15 laptops not joined domain because they will travel one place to other place so just I want to provide internet access without joining into domain, so please can you guide or suggest me a best and secure network to configure for this scenario, and I donít want to keep internet on my domain network.     

tshinder -> RE: ISA server Installation for Small Network (17.Jun.2007 2:56:23 PM)

I'll typically put the "visitors" who are not domain members on a different network segment, so that they can infect each other with their unmanaged clients [;)]

Same principle as the wireless DMZ segment article I have on this site.


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