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dharamsale -> SecureNAT and firewall client getaway problem (14.Jun.2007 4:48:16 AM)

I configured active directory 2003 server and I assigned IP address getaway is and subnet is and DNS is, and in other machine I installed ISA server 2004 and I have 2 NIC cards one is internal (IP is and DNS and external 192.168.0.x for internet connection and I configured at client said 172.31.0.x IP, Default getaway is and DNS is so problem is that those I joined to domain that all working fine but those I not joined just created mirror copy of User ID and password to them I am getting problem, outlook is not working some time its work and some time it won’t work,
So shell I have to assign ISA server IP as a default getaway to clients to get securenat for outlook ? or is there any changes I have to do?     

elmajdal -> RE: SecureNAT and firewall client getaway problem (14.Jun.2007 6:11:30 AM)

Please do not duplicate you posts !!! or they will be deleted and you will not get a reply !!

check the answer on your duplicate post :

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