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Teo -> Finjan (19.Jun.2007 7:20:07 AM)


I installed the add-in "Vital Security ISA Connector" (Finjan Software, add-in version 2.0) on my ISA Server 2006 (Enterprise Edition).

This add-in is visible under the section "Web Filters" in ISA management console.
Relative Path: "....\VS4ISAWebFilter.dll"

Now I want to remove it (uninstall) but I don't see anything in "Add/Remove Programs" about finjan, ecc...

Somebody can help me to remove / uninstall this add-in from ISA?
Without compromise ISA 2006, sure...[;)].

Thanks a lot!!!


elmajdal -> RE: Finjan (19.Jun.2007 9:09:36 AM)

how did u install this add-on ?

isn't there any readme file to read in it how to install and how to uninstall ??

have u tried contacting the provider of this add-on ?

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