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nambija -> ISA Arrays in different countries (3.Jul.2007 9:18:06 AM)

Morning All,

Need some advice on arrays, here's my situation,  work in Africa where the comms are not so good. Our primary connection to the internet is through our ISA 2004 server connected to the local ISP, however this always fails. We also have a secondary route via VSAT to the UK connected to an ISP in London which i would like to use as back up route when the primary ISP fails.

Question time:
1) if the local ISP fails how can i route traffic to the isp server in the UK using the my local ISA server ? Called EMC and rainconnect EOL was 2006
2) if i install a second ISA server in the UK can i create array and will this take care of this, our vsat connection is 512kb is this enough for an ISA array.
3) If I install an array can i make the local ISA server pirmary and the one in the UK secondary, i.e fail over server.

many thanks


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