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nambija -> DNS WPAD - logon box (3.Jul.2007 10:57:04 AM)

can you please help, configured auto IE settings using wpad-DNS with a entry in the DNS domain. I have not created a DHCP 252 entry or any of the stuff you need to with DHCP. I am only using DNS to get this to work.

It works great but at first logon you get the logon box

Any ideas ?


jmilito -> RE: DNS WPAD - logon box (3.Jul.2007 11:10:20 AM)

I am curious...Is your autoconfig file on the ISA box or another server?

nambija -> RE: DNS WPAD - logon box (3.Jul.2007 11:21:17 AM)

jmilito, i do not have an auto config file I am using DNS not DHCP

jmilito -> RE: DNS WPAD - logon box (3.Jul.2007 11:33:00 AM)

Duh...  Sorry.  I guess I need some more coffee. 

Anyway are you getting any errors in your log files that can perhaps point to a specific rule which is denying it? 

You may also want to look at:  http://forums.isaserver.org/m_250059000/tm.htm

nambija -> RE: DNS WPAD - logon box (4.Jul.2007 2:37:37 AM)

jmilito no worries,

I is have trouble finding the gobal option as discussed, any chance you can point me in the write direction.


jmilito -> RE: DNS WPAD - logon box (4.Jul.2007 11:11:39 AM)

I have had a little coffee this morning...[;)] Here is an additional resource you may find helpful.


Go into your log file and do a url search for "contains" wpad. This may give you a clue as to what rule is requiring you to authenticate as I suspect that is probably the most likely case.

To troubleshoot you could create a rule near the top of your custom rule sets:


Internal (or test workstation) to url set (with wpad.localdomain.com)

All Users

If this is the case. This should allow you to get to the wpad without authentication.

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