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super sub -> Web Chaining Slow (11.Jul.2007 1:20:19 PM)

We have a subsidiary site set up to connect to our DMZ via a VPN Tunnel. The network address of the site is set up within "Perimter Network" set on the downstream ISA.  The downstream ISA recevies the Web requests from the client and then using Web chaining passes the request onto the main upstaream ISA Server.
The upstream ISA seemingly accepts the web chained requests from the downstream and 'GETs' the requested URL. Therefore in terms of ISA log monitoring all seems well. However, the clients on the Perimeter Network report horrendously slow web browsing, I'm talking almost 2-3 minutes to load the page.
I've almost certainly ruled out DNS as the same thing happens when web sites are requested using the IP address. I mention this because most forums state that this performance issue is a typical DNS configuration error on the 'External' interface on the ISA. For info' we have no DNS settings on our external interface on the downstream ISA.

What can be causing this. Are there any quick fixes?


tshinder -> RE: Web Chaining Slow (18.Jul.2007 8:22:37 AM)

Make sure that the front-end ISA Firewall is not restricting access based on location (that is to say, configure the front-end ISA Firewall to allow access to all sites) and do not require authentication on the ISA Firewall.


furqananwar -> RE: Web Chaining Slow (20.Jul.2007 2:17:34 AM)

may this would helped



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