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Enlil242 -> ISA 2006 design - will this work? (12.Jul.2007 11:21:01 AM)

OK, after reading all of the posts and articles on this site recommending against using ISA 2006 on a single NIC server, I have no choice but to just use it for web-proxy / caching in our environment ... at this time... [&:]

That said, The server will sit between the the router and our PIX and all web traffic will be rotued to ISA for inspection / logging. In this scenario, do I need to configure my web-proxy clients to point to the ISA server if the traffic will be rotued to it already? I posed this question to Microsoft, but they haven't got back to me yet. Has this been set up like this elsewhere? If not, what are my options? I'd rather not have to configure every client that accesses the internet with proxy settings...


Yorgy -> RE: ISA 2006 design - will this work? (26.Aug.2007 11:25:04 AM)

If your clients are being routed to it already then it sounds like you don't need to point all your web proxy clients to point to your ISA Server for Web access; however, you will have to create an allow rule to clients that you wish for them to have internet access.

It also sounds like you will have to create a route entry to your router pointing to ISA Server before it hits your PIX Firewall, that way you have full control over your clients and web access.


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