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wieckjc -> Workgroup vs Domain joined ? (18.Jul.2007 11:33:17 AM)

Currently runing a single member ISA 2006 Enterprise Edition server in a workgroup.  If I want to add an additional member into the array for Network Load Balancing (NLB) purposes, do the member servers need to be joined to a domain or can they remain in a workgroup??


elmajdal -> RE: Workgroup vs Domain joined ? (18.Jul.2007 1:39:54 PM)


joining your ISA Server to your Domain is always much better

check this :

wieckjc -> RE: Workgroup vs Domain joined ? (18.Jul.2007 2:15:57 PM)

Understood.  However, the question still remains can you have a multi-member array of servers in a workgroup configuration??

moreauer -> RE: Workgroup vs Domain joined ? (27.Jul.2007 11:10:53 AM)

Yes you can, but you'll need an ssl certificat so both your ISA server can communicate securely with each other or with the CSS...

I know this because that's the setup I have and it's working fine...

Good luck.


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