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ITGuy85 -> Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (25.Jul.2007 9:28:29 PM)

I'm in the US, and looking for the best ISA appliance. I've narrowed it down to nAppliance and Celestix. Celestix seems to be a more established company with a longer history. However nAppliance hardware specs are beefier (RAID-1, dual quad core processors, hot-swap powersupplies). But they seem to be a tiny and very new company.

I'm a big fan of HP, but it looked like their ISA appliance was merely a basic server with ISA installed. I didn't see any flash-based restore options, SSL options, or headless mode with an LCD display for configuration.

If nAppliance was larger and more established, hardware wise they beat the socks off Celestix.


tshinder -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (27.Jul.2007 12:53:03 PM)

I don't know anything about nAppliance, but I know that Celestix has a very good reputation and excellent product support.


kaled -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (22.Aug.2007 9:47:24 AM)

ples i have problem in isa 2006 in the msn if u login ,login without problem but if i try open the inbox gave me error in the urle 12202 or denined frome the server if any one u know the problem teal me ASAP

p057080n -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (14.Sep.2007 9:36:17 AM)

    I have a Celestix (decided for a rackmount appliance rather than a little PC server I made before). The product is great and works with few problems but the support is terrible in my opinion. They do try to help you as much as possible but I always find myself sitting through a call with them for two hours with little to no progress and I usually end up fixing the problems myself.

tshinder -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (17.Sep.2007 7:54:29 AM)

Hi P,

I'm surprised to hear that. There must have been some big changes in their support group, because they used to be quite good.


TB80810 -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (18.Sep.2007 11:42:58 AM)

Celestix support tries to give everyone the best support possible. The challenge comes from being confronted with dozens of different network configurations, third party software and personal touches associated with the unique environments. We will never have all the answers, but it is our hope that we can have most of them.

tshinder -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (19.Sep.2007 7:16:15 AM)

That's good to hear. Yes, I often run into people who try to turn toasters into blenders -- it doesn't work very well :)


muthu -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (28.Sep.2007 6:23:41 AM)

I want IAG 2007 trail software and a installation & configuration guide. any one pls help me out

tshinder -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (28.Sep.2007 8:30:37 AM)

Hi Muthu,

There is no trial software -- there is a VM you can download from


jagga -> RE: Best ISA 2006 Appliance? (29.Oct.2007 9:58:52 PM)


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