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chelsedo -> E-mail problem (29.Jul.2007 11:22:14 PM)

Im using windows 2000 server and i installed ISA 2004. after installation i configured the policy. i have 30 work station all of them is working properly. on my side i have a problem, im just wondering i can connect to internet but i cant send e-mail using Microsoft outlook 2003.

please need your help thanks

mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 12:56:01 AM)


how u allowed your smtp & pop3 address in ISA ?

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:04:17 AM)

i allowed those protocols pop3, pop3 server, pop3s server, smtp, smtp server & smtps Server. the setup is from / listener to external. sir if you want you can remote my computer server using vnc. actually this is my first time installation of ISA server.

thnks sir

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:09:44 AM)

hope somebody can help me to fix my problem thanks

mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:26:26 AM)

just allow POP3 & SMTP protocol for mail client, there is no need to allow any pop3 server..

Allow your SMTP & POP3 mail address by IP in computer set instead of url.

Check & revert

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:37:00 AM)

Allow your SMTP & POP3 mail address by IP in computer set instead of url. ---- what do you mean by this sir? im sory didint get you pont.

all of work statation that connected to my computer they can send e-mail using microsoft outlook 2003.

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:39:37 AM)

but on my computer i cant send e-mail. if therse somthing wrong with my comfiguration? my internet is working properly

mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:46:32 AM)

Did you create any seprate rule for your PC ?

what's your pc ipconfig ?

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 1:51:41 AM)

not yet sir. what rule that i need to create in my computer?

this is my ip configuration

thank you very much sir for helping me. i realy highly appreciate many thanks.

mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:05:15 AM)

I think, On ISA server you are trying to access Outlook ??? Am i right ?

If yes, then create one rule in ISA as mention below

name- Allow-Protocol(which you want)-Local Host-External

Check & revert back

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:09:46 AM)

Yes sir im using microsft outlook 2003 on ISa server.


mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:13:20 AM)

Is it working ?

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:15:45 AM)

Sir i created a new rule that you mentioned, but still not working

mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:23:06 AM)

let us know your ISA configuration...

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:27:30 AM)

sir if you want we can used team viewer for desktop support. you can see my desktop  and check  my ISA server 2004 configuration.


chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 2:32:47 AM)

Sir did you already visit this site? you can download the software just install it no need to configure.



mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 3:06:56 AM)

Installed Client mode.. now ???

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 3:25:26 AM)

ok you can connect to me my id is 12071780 my password is password ok. ill wait for you thanks..

chelsedo -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 3:44:01 AM)

please connect again

mzakir -> RE: E-mail problem (30.Jul.2007 3:45:28 AM)


Got disconnection.. anyway..

just install windows DNS service & check below link.


never put DNS IP of your ISP on your ISA NICs (external & Internal)

Revert back

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