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acausemaker -> accessing OWA from behind ISA2004 (2.Aug.2007 9:21:17 AM)

I have a user who needs to access OWA at another company from behind our ISA2004 server.  Part of the OWA interface shows up when she logs in, but then she is prompted 4-5 more times for credentials, then the content pane shows "Access Denied", or sometimes it shows "The folder can't be displayed. You don't have permission to perform this action".

In my ISA logs, it shows a failed connection attempt from the client to the ISA server for "anonymous" to the URL. 

If I turn OFF my proxy server, everything works great... we have the Web Proxy Filter enabled for HTTP (for our Proventia web filter appliance) -  something in OWA is trying to send info as anonymous & it's getting caught by ISA.

(yes, the other OWA is NOT secured - I've already suggested this, as this would definitely solve the problem, but they're dragging their feet...)

what in OWA is sending as anonymous?  is there any way around this? 

Dutchy -> RE: accessing OWA from behind ISA2004 (5.Nov.2008 10:35:20 PM)

Sorry I can be of no help to you as I am facing the same problem. I have users on my network that need to access another compnies Outlook Web Access site, and when they login the browser shows the left column than asks for username and password several times and displays you do not have permission or stays on loading. If I bypass the proxy client or just switch it off, or dial direct onto the web without using our network, they can access the site without a problem. I am still searching for a solution.
The server the users are trying to access has nothing to do with me, I have no control over it, I am just trying to figure out how to let my users access this external resouce from behind my firewall. The url for the site is http://mail.whatever not https://.  I have no problems accessing an external OWA Site using https://mail.somethingelse.

Sad to see this has been sitting here for so long with no replies at all. This site used to be so good with replies, but I'll post this and see what happens, who knows

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